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​What are the types of Bluetooth headsets and how to wear Bluetooth headsets?

2020-9-27 18:20:31

 Nowadays, Bluetooth headsets are extremely widely used, and many friends have bought Bluetooth headsets.  So, do you know what types of Bluetooth headsets are there?  How to wear a Bluetooth headset?  Sinodec Industrial Co., LTD. has launched many new Bluetooth Earphones in 2020, especially TWS true wireless stereo bluetooth in-ear headphone, which can make users more comfortable when using headphones. We use bluetooth v5.0 Bluetooth  Chips have produced many sports headphones.

Nowadays, Bluetooth headsets are extremely widely used, and many friends have bought Bluetooth headsets.  So, do you know what types of Bluetooth headsets are there?  How to wear a Bluetooth headset?  Let's get to know it together.

Mono Wireless Bluetooth headphone

Most of the single-ear Bluetooth headsets are wireless and compact, which can be worn directly on the ear. The main function is to answer and hang up calls. It can control the volume adjustment. Some models of the single-ear Bluetooth headset also have dual standby and dual standby.  Technologies such as microphones and Liyin (also called noise reduction, which can achieve a better call environment).

 Stereo Bluetooth headset

The stereo Bluetooth headset is based on the mobile phone supporting the A2DP Bluetooth stereo protocol. Only the mobile phone supports the A2DP Bluetooth stereo protocol.

Stereophonic protocol, you can connect stereo Bluetooth headset to enjoy Bluetooth headset music.  Stereo Bluetooth headsets have neckbands, headsets, clips, glasses and other styles, and the neckband and clips are all wired Bluetooth headsets. The main function is not only to answer and hang up calls, but also to enjoy music directly. At the same time, some stereo  The Bluetooth headset also has an LCD display, which not only allows you to easily see the caller's number, but also displays the song name and lyrics.

TWS True Wireless Stereo Earbuds

The biggest difference between true wireless Bluetooth headsets and traditional Bluetooth headsets is the use of Multiplexlink multi-point wireless interconnection technology.  As a new concept of TWS wireless bluetooth headsets, it realizes the wireless connection between the left and right ears.  This type of headset completely abandons the wire connection method, and the left and right earplugs can work independently, so that hands-free calls can be mastered.  When you need to change into a two-channel stereo, turn on another earplug, and it will automatically form a two-channel stereo mode when you are close. You will not be caught by wires when sharing music, and it is more convenient to use.

Earbud bluetooth headset

Put it directly into the ear in a comfortable way, just like the rubber-style wired earphones we usually use, as shown in the figure:

Earhook Bluetooth headset

Rotate the wearing ring on the earphone, choose the right left or right ear, or both left and right ears can be adjusted and used, then fit the ear and hang it on the ear contour, as shown in the figure:

Sport Bluetooth headset

This kind of earphone has a moderate weight and can easily jam the cochlea part

Bluetooth headset

Many people have seen headsets, and Bluetooth headsets also have this type. This way of wearing them is to cross the ears directly. You can put the handle of the headset on the top of your head or put it on the back for comfort.

Bluetooth pairing

1. When using the headset for the first time, try to charge the headset for about 2-4 hours, and then charge it for 2 hours. This is also said in the manual. It is best not to exceed 4 hours. Some forums say that it must be charged for 24 hours.  According to it, such a small headset can be charged for 24 hours, which is a bit too exaggerated.

2. Click the Bluetooth setting in the phone settings, select "Enable", and finish.  This opens the Bluetooth support function of the phone.

3. When the Bluetooth headset is off, press and hold the headset multi-function button MFB for more than 3 seconds, and wait for the blue indicator light on the headset to light up (1, note that it is always on. The pairing process is always on, not flashing or not on. 2. Some parts  The device flashes red and blue alternately), at this time the Bluetooth headset is already in a searchable state.

4. Open the Bluetooth option on the phone and search. After the headset is successfully searched, the name and model of the Bluetooth headset will be displayed on the list, click OK.

5. Enter the password (usually 0000) on the phone, and some do not have a password. The headset indicator flashes quickly, that is, the pairing is successful.

6. Click the Bluetooth headset name item: Sinodec, open it, and select binding.  When finished, the phone is connected to the Bluetooth headset.  At this time, the mobile phone may have a “Ding Dong” sound similar to the USB connection. When the Bluetooth headset is turned off, there may also be a similar sound. Based on this, it can be judged whether the Bluetooth headset and the phone are properly connected.

If you only use your mobile phone to communicate with Bluetooth headsets instead of exchanging information with other Bluetooth devices, you can select the bind check box.

NFC pairing

Bluetooth headsets that support NFC function can be paired with a touch of a mobile phone with NFC function, eliminating the traditional cumbersome pairing process.

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