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How to use Bluetooth headset?

2020-5-26 0:47:53

Bluetooth pairing

1. For the first use, try to charge the headset for about 2-4 hours, and then charge it for 2 hours. The manual also says so, it is best not to exceed 4 hours.  According to this, such a small headset, charging for 24 hours, is somewhat exaggerated.

2. Click the Bluetooth setting in the phone settings, select "On" to complete.  This turns on the Bluetooth support of the phone.

3. When the Bluetooth headset is off, press and hold the headset multifunction key MFB for more than 3 seconds, and wait until the blue light on the headset lights up (1, note that it is always on, the pairing process is always on, not flashing or off 2, there are some  The device flashes alternately red and blue), and the Bluetooth headset is now in a searchable state.

4. Open the Bluetooth option on the mobile phone and search. After successfully searching for the headset, the Bluetooth headset name and model will be displayed on the list, and click to confirm.

5. Enter the password (usually 0000) on the mobile phone, and some do not have a password. The headset indicator light flashes quickly, which means that the pairing is successful.

6. Click on the Bluetooth headset name item: MOTOROLA HS850, open it, and select the binding.  When finished, the phone is connected to the Bluetooth headset.  At this time, the phone may have a "ding dong" sound similar to the USB connection. When the Bluetooth headset is turned off, there may also be a similar sound, which can be used to determine the blue

Whether the headset is connected to the mobile phone normally.

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If you just use your phone to communicate with the Bluetooth headset instead of exchanging information with other Bluetooth devices, you can select the Bind check box.

NFC pairing

Bluetooth headsets that support the NFC function can be paired with a touch of a NFC-enabled mobile phone, eliminating the traditional tedious pairing process.


1. Use voice dialing: short press the MFB button (press for no more than 1 second and hear a beep for short press), say the name of the person you want to dial, provided you store it on your phone  Voice call record.

2. Dial the last call number: long press the multi-function key to complete the redial.

3. Answer the incoming call: short press the MFB button once.

4. End the call: short press the MFB button once.

When the Bluetooth headset is plugged into the charger:

1. The indicator light is on, indicating that it is charging.

2. The indicator light is off, indicating that the charging is completed.

The charger is not plugged into the Bluetooth headset:

1. The indicator light is off, indicating that it has been shut down.

2. The indicator light keeps on, indicating that it is in pairing mode.

3. The indicator flashes 5 times quickly, indicating successful pairing.

4. The indicator light flashes rapidly once every 3 seconds, indicating that it is in the standby state.

5. The indicator flashes slowly every 8 seconds, indicating that it is in a call.

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