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​How to choose medical mask nose wire?

2020-2-26 0:20:00

With the spread of the new coronavirus, masks have become one of the necessities of daily life. In addition to the strict requirements of non-woven materials and technology on masks that meet the requirements of protection, the quality requirements of nose wire clip are also important.  The function of the nose wire in the use of the mask is mainly to fit and shape the face of different people. So how to choose a suitable nose wire?  Sinodec Industrial Co., Ltd. also recently launched a popular Nose wire for mask factories.

Choosing the right specifications and materials is the top priority. Because there are many types of Nose wires, the commonly used Nose wire specifications are 3mm, 5mm, and 8mm wide. Generally 3mm is a single core, 5mm and 8mm are dual cores, and 5mm and 8mm can be selected. With or without adhesive on the back, usually with adhesive is selected to facilitate positioning during production and processing. 

Masks with different functions usually have different designs for the nose wire, and need to be selected reasonably. The material of the nose wire is usually made of PE, PP,  PVC etc. Generally speaking, unless there are specific material requirements, the difference in the properties of the nose wire of these materials is not particularly large. In terms of toughness and elongation performance, PE is stronger than PP, so you need to choose according to the use of the mask.

Our company can provide 3mm single core, 5mm double core, 8mm double core with adhesive and non-adhesive mask nose wire.

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