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​How to choose a TWS Bluetooth headset.?

2020-2-14 0:26:48

First talk about stability.One of the most important differences between Bluetooth and wired headphones is stability and latency.Bluetooth headsets with poor stability will often be disconnected. When there are many other Bluetooth devices in the surroundings, there will also be a zip noise. Friends who have used Bluetooth headsets must have encountered it.

As for the delay, presumably no one would want to hear the gunshot for two full seconds when the avatar box was played; or the second subtitle disappeared while watching the video, and the first line was just finished.  To improve stability and reduce latency, you need to use stronger Bluetooth technology.

Not long ago SIG (Bluetooth Official Group) announced the deprecation of Bluetooth versions 4.1 and below.  Therefore, the mainstream wireless headsets are mainly Bluetooth 4.2 and Bluetooth 5.0.  Compared with 4.2, Bluetooth 5.0 has two times the transmission rate. The transmission distance has been increased by four times while reducing power consumption and saving power. The ability to resist interference has also been enhanced.  When purchasing wireless Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth 5.0-enabled headsets will have better stability and low latency than 4.2.  Fortunately, models after iPhone 8 and Android phones equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon or Huawei Kirin processors in these two years support Bluetooth 5.0.

If your phone does not support Bluetooth 5.0, it can also be backward compatible and downgraded to 4.2 to use.  So whether your phone supports it or not, Tony recommends choosing a headset that supports Bluetooth 5.0.  In addition, the “true wireless” described by the split-type Bluetooth headset actually refers to Qualcomm ’s TWS (True Wireless Stereo) true wireless stereo technology.

Traditional Bluetooth headsets can only be connected to a single headset, and the left and right headsets can be synchronized via a wire connection.  The TWS Bluetooth headset is simply to connect one of the earphones as the main earphone to the mobile phone, and then connect the main earphone to the remaining earphone to realize the wireless separation of the left and right channels.  It is also because the split earphones are divided into main and auxiliary earphones, so after a long time, you will find that the battery consumption of the two earphones is different.  The TWS Plus technology developed on the basis of TWS uses both headsets as the main headset and connects directly to the phone.  While avoiding different battery losses, latency and power consumption have been reduced.

At present, TWS headsets have reached the level of 100 yuan.  Hundreds of expensive Bluetooth headsets use almost TWS Plus technology. Of course, if you choose, TWS Plus Bluetooth headsets.  Sound quality is also very important. Many people think that the headset is Bluetooth, and what sound quality is also important.  Actually, otherwise, the difference in sound quality between different Bluetooth headsets may be quite large.  When the sound source quality is the same, the sound quality mainly depends on the encoding format during transmission and the sound unit of the headset.

As far as the current encoding method of audio by headphones is concerned, there are mainly SBC, AAC, aptX, HWA and LDAC audio output levels from low to high.  Among them, SBC and AAC are earlier basic encoding formats, which are lossy encodings.  After transferring from the phone to the headset, the sound quality will be lost and some details will be lost.  Qualcomm's aptX, by compressing audio files, achieves higher-quality sound output without affecting the sound quality, and retains more details than the previous two encodings.  aptX can also be divided into three types: traditional (aptX), high quality (aptX-HD) and low latency (aptX Low Latency), each with its own characteristics.  Sony's LDAC and Huawei's HWA encoding support higher-quality transmission, which is also the audio transmission technology with the highest bit rate.  However, for the iPhone, only SBC and AAC codecs are supported.  

If your phone supports LDAC, choose a Bluetooth headset that supports LDAC as much as possible, so that you can enjoy higher quality sound quality.  In addition to the encoding format, the headphone sound unit is also an important reason for affecting the sound quality.  Common sounding units are moving coils, moving irons, and ring irons. Each tuning style has its own characteristics, which will give people different feelings.  However, if you don't have a special fever on the sound quality, the encoding and sound units are not so important, after all, Bluetooth sound quality is not as good as wired.  Furthermore, for a Bluetooth headset with a few hundred dollars, the difference in tuning may be the most important factor in determining the sense of hearing.  In most cases, we choose Bluetooth headsets for convenience.  Sound quality is important, but when you buy it, don't blindly ignore the comfort of wearing for sound quality.  (Regarding these two points, it is recommended that everyone try to find an offline audition whenever possible)

Finally, I want to say that in addition to the previous ones, in fact, other functions of the headset are also important, such as noise reduction and waterproof.  Noise reduction is divided into passive and active, almost all headphones have a certain physical passive noise reduction effect.  Generally speaking, passive noise reduction is sufficient in general.  But if you have a high demand for noise reduction (believe me you will), then you need to pay attention to whether the headphones have active noise reduction.  In addition, friends who like to wear headphones to exercise will inevitably sweat. If the headphones are not waterproof, they will easily be discarded.  At this time, the waterproof level of the headset is required to be at least IPX4 and above.

Whether you choose a headset or an in-ear style depends on your daily needs.

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